Ratings and Reviews Write a review. Backlight off; image and information display; and image display only. That is, you can’t open up more space on a disc by going back and deleting images shot earlier in the session. Hologram AF was first introduced on Sony’s high-end DSC-F Cyber-shot model, and it looks like we’re going to see it spreading to more and more of Sony’s high-end models. An adapter is provided for those computers that don’t accept the three-inch CD format. Overall, I found the “assist” window to be quite helpful when using the LCD outdoors on a sunny day, making the CD’s LCD one of the most usable I’ve encountered for outdoor shooting. This is a great camera.

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I’m not sure how Sony managed to make focus changes so dramatically visible on the LCD, but whatever they did seems to work well, and makes the Manual Focus option much more useful than those I’ve seen on many other cameras. Smart Zoom provides magnification levels as high as 3. What I didn’t care for: Save on Digital Cameras Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days.

As a result, you can focus in the dark! You can also designate whether the camera numbers each image sequentially from one CD to the nextor restarts file numbering with each new CD, by making a change in the Setup menu.

Sony MVC-CD Digital Camera Review: Intro and Highlights

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Once enlarged, the arrow buttons let you scroll around inside the image. On the other side, the only thing you’ll find is the port for the AC adapter which is included with the camera. Given mavia amount of email I’ve gotten on the topic, I now include this paragraph in all my digicam reviews.

Sony CD Mavica CD350 and CD500

Pressing the focus button once brings up a new feature on Sony cameras — manual focus point selection. This dc500 because “erasing” any image other than the last one shot or any image on a CD-R disc doesn’t actually wipe out the image data from the disc, but instead merely deletes the file listing in the disc’s directory so that the “erased” image data can no longer be accessed.

To the upper-left of the lens is the laser for Sony’s exclusive Hologram AF laser focusing system. Many cameras today include built-in image stabilization systems, but when it comes to video that’s still no substitute for a proper camera stabilization rig.

No complaints about the macro test shot.

Contact support Contact your Sony Support team. The one thing that I don”t like is lack of depth of field. The Playback image information includes the file type movie or stillimage size, where the image falls in the Playback index, remaining CD-R capacity, file name, date and time the image was taken, and the remaining battery power.

TIFF will record an uncompressed image at the 5. msvica

Unlike most other digital zoom functions, Sony’s Smart Zoom does not resample the image, so maivca image deterioration occurs as a result: Pour yourself a cocktail and enjoy. Colors are accurate and the subject is sharp.


Best of all, you get excellent image capacity with the CD-RW recording media, and a long enough movie recording time to rival some digital video cameras. Spot metering and AE Lock functions. Sometimes it’s quick less than 4 secsother times it can take much longer to read the CD.

Dec 19, The screen shot above right shows a camera’s eye view maviica the Hologram AF pattern, as the lens zooms from wide to telephoto. Here is the back of the CD The zoom controls are well-placed, and move the lens smoothly and quietly from wide-angle to telephoto in about 2.

Using CD-R discs is a lot like using film — you take your pictures and when you run out, it’s time to buy another CD-R disc.

Sony CD Mavica CD and CD Digital Photography Review

Instead of messing around with cables and driver software, you simply take the CD from the camera and slide it into your computer’s CD-ROM drive. In quiet moments of the recording, I could easily hear the faint twittering of the CD drive as it recorded the data. Press the button again and you’re in manual focus mode.

The camera’s ISO setting offers Auto, or equivalents, increasing performance dd500 low-light shooting situations. Clip Motion lets you take up to ten shots, and then combine them into an animated GIF file.