More information on the oscilloscope The following languages are available: This makes it the ideal instrument to perform measurements in high voltage circuits, amplifiers, switch mode power supplies, power inverters etc. This allows to make a combined instrument which will enable simultaneous measuring on all channels of all combined instruments. Features Many instruments in one device: The following languages are available:.

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A differential USB oscilloscope Base price: Protocol analyzers A protocol analyzer is a measuring instrument that analyzes one or more signals that are used to duff between electronic devices according a specific protocol.

This 2 meter long measure Later these setting files can be recalled, reducing the setup time of your instrument to an absolute minimum.

Test and measurement software

Quick Setups can also contain reference signals. Read more about combining instruments.

An oscilloscope toolbar and channel toolbars are available for each detected Handyscope. The measurement results are shown in a special value window that can be positioned hansyscope on your computer screen. The Differential probe SI extends the measurement power of oscilloscopes to power semiconductor circuits. A protocol analyzer examines the signals and decodes the information that is transferred.

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Another application for the data logger is to measure long non-repetitive signals like e.

Handyscope HS4 DIFF differential USB Oscilloscope

If you continue to use the latter, we will consider that you accept the use of cookies. This makes it the ideal instrument to perform measurements in high voltage circuits, amplifiers, switch mode power supplies, power inverters etc. Contact our Sales Team Call: The differential input channels enable safely measuring, without risk of creating a short circuit through the oscilloscope. A function generator is an essential instrument in testing circuits.

The following languages are available: Read more on cursors and measurements The data logger logs your signal, continuously uninterrupted at high speed, 24 hour a day, ns4 days a week. Read more on oscilloscope toolbars The convenient toolbars provide clear buttons for all settings of the oscilloscope and its channels. Read more about streaming measurements. View complete list of all models. Measured signals can be copied handyacope reference channels, to compare live signals with earlier measured signals.

It gives you all features of the HS4. The multimeter can be used to measure or monitor specific properties of a signal, like RMS value, frequency, maximum value etc. An example of this is generating a previously measured crankshaft sensor signal and apply that to the motor management system of a car.


All zoom actions can be undone with an undo zoom function. A convenient toolbar lets you navigate through the stored files to find the important moments in the measurement.

TiePie Handyscope-HS4 DIFF (5MHz version)

Just a coupling cable is required to combine the multiple instruments to a single combined instrument with many channels. The decoded information from the serial communications can be shown in tables, in graphs and in the multimeter.

A data logger is a direct registering instrument to display signal voltages, plotted against time Yt or against another signal voltage XY.

View complete list of all models. The rubber helps absorbing shocks and prevents your instrument from sliding. The following languages are available:. The Quick Setups are carefully organized in a tree structure, ordered by application.