Note that users will be able to run X without permission to the DRI subsystem, but acceleration will be disabled. Once the appropriate drivers are installed, configure the X server to use the nvidia driver instead of the default nv driver. Often tearing does not show up in all types of video files. I’ve also disabled the onboard graphics card in favor of the AGP version of the card listed. See also the –kernel-as command line option. When the internal ABIs change, then it is not possible to merely fix the “glue”, because nobody knows how the glue is used by the proprietary part. Attachments Add an attachment proposed patch, testcase, etc.

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– Black screen with Nvidia Optimus (proprietary driver) since

grntoo If commented out – the “default” name theme is used. It should say that direct rendering is activated:. You can still override these settings in here. These options are not forgiving, so be careful with the parameters. Change the setting from continuous to discrete and boot back into Linux. System Memory physical id: When uncertain what to do, use the in-kernel agpgart:.


For proprietary drivers like nvidia.

For U EFI systems, uvesafb will not work. If included, busybox is rebuilt if the cached copy is out of date. This will install nvidia-settingsa handy graphical tool for monitoring and configuring several aspects of the NVIDIA card.

Create a proprietray file called nvidia.

What type of video files do you use? This is a debugging feature.

Hybrid graphics – Gentoo Wiki

If you installed debian-sources with the binary Propfietary flag you will need to blacklist the nouveau module. Warning If you are sure you have done every step accordingly and still you get a black screen, chances are that the display manager your are using might have problems.

It should contain the nvidia module name:.

First, choose the right kernel source using eselect. Otherwise, I got the same error of yours on every newer other intel driver version. Mind that choosing the wrong driver may render your system unusable! See also the –kernel-as command line option.

For a quick example here on the wiki, view this xorg. This can be disabled 0 when issues occur with ACPI or while debugging an issue. This provides compatibility and scalability benefits, mainly due to the avoidance of IRQ sharing.


Even after managing to patch things up to have things seem to work nicely, the user still risks that running nvidia. Depending on the system’s chipset this may cause stability issues if enabled. No space left on device with xorg-server 1. If the computer supports PAT and the feature is enabled in the kernel then this flag can be enabled. Please ensure that this symlink is pointing to the correct sources and that the kernel is correctly configured. The default leaves it at AGP 2x mode.

Just modify the path and corresponding module accordingly. A pretty decent way to find this out through an interactive form.

Package:NVIDIA Linux Display Drivers

Some have even reported damage to hardware enabling this when it is not properly supported. If genkernel all was used to configure the kernel, then everything is all set.

Comment 2 vylaern Maximum amount of system memory remapping.