Problems started when we decided we needed an OS better suited for long uptime periods. Select X to exit If you used SmartSet to program the controller, you must recalibrate. We, at the company, are developing a web application to be used in computers arranged as a kiosk. You may have to invert the minimum and maximum X- and Y-scale values if the input values from the touch-screen are inverted. As you can see, I needed the swap Y axis enabled. As I stated before, I’ve read most of the threads about this issue, threads such as this one http: Any help is greatly appreciated thanks.

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linux – How can I get an ELO Touch Screen to work? – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

Deepak 2 6 The tslib calibration library seems to be still broken despite But with the display in vertical position, it freaks out: I know I’m kind of on my own out here but I figured out what worked for me and thought I’d post it just in case anyone ever found themselves in the same situation.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Select T for Touch Testing Touch the screen at approximately the same point in the lower left corner as per above; the coordinates should be similar to those that were seen in the upper right corner previously not exact, but relative.


[ubuntu] Elo TouchScreen L and Ubuntu 10 [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Here’s what I get: If when calibrating you get the error message: Touch the screen at a single point in the upper right corner; record the X and Y coordinates that are displayed as UR. If the calibration is inverted then change swapx or swapy to 0.

The one I posted here is the aor that worked for me. I am stuck in the same situation. Sign up using Facebook. The numbers don’t seem consistent with the actual alignment.

The editor will bring you to the section where you can get the correct product id and vendor id. Can you tell me how to configure xorg. Command not found make: Can you or anyone tell me line by line by that actually means and how I do that? There is no response though. I would appreciate any pointers – anything that I was able to google on the web seems to ar outdated.

To see if the hardware is working properly, boot to a DOS diskette and run comdump. You may have to invert the minimum and maximum X- and Y-scale values if the input values from the touch-screen are inverted.


You can use SmartSet. Unsupported Version This article applies to an unsupported qpr of Ubuntu. End of note The last thing you have to do is create udev rules so the the touchscreen can correctly send events.

Great, I did that and it seems to have installed correctly, and entering qmake then make seemed to successfully compile as well.

I had this problem and solved it by this script: I’ll probably start my own thread on this unless it turns out a USB mouse “fixes” your problem too. Interruptor, Quote from your notes: Note that flipping the cable only works for AccuTouch resistive; it will not work for IntelliTouch surface wave.

Xorg evdev

Page History Login to edit. Moreover the utility for calibration does not work: I had to change the min and max values past what you were allowing.

The MatchProduct should be something contained in the info. I’ve made this [quick and ugly] script to calibrate “Elo TouchSystems Inc.