In particular, the cartridge is in the form of a generally elongate housing that can be removably disposed within a channel formed in the first jaw The surgical device of claim 5 wherein the plurality of flexible actuators comprises: Tissue stapler having a thickness compensator incorportating a hydrophobic agent. For example, it can be solid or hollow, and it can be formed from a single component or multiple segments. The drive sled also includes a central member that extends through the middle of the cartridge, and that has a blade b formed thereon for cutting the stapled tissue. Tissue stapler having a thickness compensator incorporating an anti-inflammatory agent. Other exemplary slit configurations will be discussed in more detail below.

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While the configuration of the end cap can vary depending on the configuration of the actuator, in the illustrated embodiment the end cap includes four bores abcd formed therein and spaced around a circumference of the end cap such that the bores a – d align with the lumens a – d in the elongate shaft The socket 24 can be integrally formed with the proximal end 12 a of the elongate shaft, or it can be formed by coupling a hollow housing 12 cas shown, to the proximal end 12 a of the elongate shaft As further shown in FIG.

In certain exemplary embodiments, the spools and the rotatable knobs can also differ in size. A first cable a is coupled to and wound around the first spool aand a second cable b is coupled to and wound around the second spool b.

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For example, the elongate tube can include at least one lumen formed in a sidewall thereof and extending along the length thereof, and the cable s can be slidably disposed within the lumen s. The knobscan also optionally be rotated simultaneously to articulate the flexible neck in additional planes of motion different than the first and second planes of motion. In other aspects, methods and devices are provided for moving a flexible neck formed on a distal end of an accessory channel for use with an endoscope.


Morcellating laparoscopic instrument with bipolar electrodes and double skin wall. Methods and apparatus for defibrillating a heart refractory to electrical stimuli. The cables can extend along the elongate tube using various techniques. As further shown in FIGS. The handle can be moved by pivotally articulating the handle relative to the accessory channel, or alternatively is can be moved by rotating at least one rotatable member on the handle.

Pneumatic surgical instrument for the distribution and placement of connecting or fastening means. Surgical instrument incorporating an electrically actuated articulation locking mechanism. The single handle can include a stationary member coupled to the proximal end of the accessory channel, and a movable member configured to articulate relative to the stationary member. Generally, the control motions are all transferred through the shaft as longitudinal translations, which can interfere with the flexibility of the shaft.

The user-feedback effects are not suitably realizable in present motor-driven devices. The slits can be configured to cause the flexible neck to flex into a desired orientation.

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Method and apparatus for hand gesture control in a minimally invasive surgical system. Surgical instrument comprising a closing drive and a firing drive operated from the same rotatable output.

When the clutch is in a first position, e.

Each cable 34 a – d can bb36141c through a pathway, such as a lumen, formed on, in, or around the elongate shaft In other embodiments, the bb36-114c can be positioned to allow flexion of the neck at multiple locations cmera bend points, or to otherwise allow the neck to flex into a predetermined position. Moreover, a person skilled in the art will appreciate that a variety of other techniques can be used to movably couple the handle 14 to the proximal end 12 a of the elongate shaft While the location of the unit can vary, in one embodiment the optical image gathering unit can be disposed on the second coupler Endoscopic surgical instruments are often preferred over traditional open surgical devices since the use of a natural orifice tends to reduce the post-operative recovery time and complications.


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Devices and methods for introducing a surgical circular stapling instrument into a patient. The surgical device of claim 16 wherein the elongate shaft further comprises a gear and drive assembly configured to actuate the jaw members. Tissue stapler having a thickness compensator incorporating an anti-inflammatory agent. In general, the handle includes one or more spools rotatably disposed therein. As the sled is advanced distally through the end cartridgethe upright members a – d will abut against the driver members, moving them upward toward the anvil 20thereby driving the staples toward the anvil While the particular configuration of the drive sled and the cartridge can vary depending on the particular configuration of the end effector 16in an exemplary embodiment, as shown in FIG.

Such a configuration is particularly advantageous as the blade b can be replaced with each use, rather than most stapling devices in which the drive sled and blade are disposed within the jaw of the end effector, rather than being removable with the cartridge. The surgical device of claim 6 wherein: Malleable, bioabsorbable,plastic staple having a knotted configuration; and method and apparatus for deforming such staple.

The handle of the device can have a variety of configurations, but in one embodiment the handle can be adapted to articulate relative to the proximal end of the elongate shaft.