Understand the basic fire-resistance design procedures for wood frame assemblies and certain exposed wood members. Increased reliance on LCA and environmental product declarations EPDs , and the implications for wood construction, are also explored. Fixed crashing bug on Vista caused by trying to access the mixer before it was available. Learn to use checklists and detailing summaries to ensure a complete load path is prescriptively designed for the roof story. The purpose of this presentation is to provide background information to designers and code officials regarding how to reduce the frequency and severity of fires during construction.

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Panelized Walls – a technique that is allowing wood construction to be constructed under a more controlled environment and decreasing the time of construction at the site. Cross-laminated timber CLT has been in use worldwide for over 15 years, but most notably in Europe. Part 2 will focus on the roof story design including gable-end wall framing, roof and ceiling framing and sheathing, and connections. Special inspection provides a quality control measure intended to ensure that certain critical features are incorporated into a structure and are constructed properly.

The concept of taller wood structures has captured widespread attention. Determining the best option for a durable wood product can be confusing due to the wide array of options available. NCSEA does not warrant that a program complies with the continuing education requirements in all jurisdictions.

They are critical to building performance—under regular loads, and especially during extreme events such as hurricanes and earthquakes. Apply model codes and standards that pertain to safety precautions during construction.

CLT buildings can be approved under current building codes and how this will change under the International Building Code. Be aware of adc standards required to design a PWF.


Modern timber bridges combine the use of solid wood, plywood, laminated timbers like glued-laminated timber, laminated veneer lumber LVLparallel strand lumber PSL and cross-laminated timber CLT. Discuss the special provisions of International Building Code Section and give examples of their applications in common building configurations.

Since that time, the Tall Wood Building TWB Ad Hoc Committee has reviewed voluminous materials regarding tall wood buildings, including results of various testing around the world, as well as studies domestically in support of the TWB charge aoaq conduct a thorough review apxq the science of tall wood. As one of the most experienced contractors of mass timber buildings in the US, Lendlease will offer insights on a proposed change to the International Building Code that would see increased height and story allowances for mass timber structures.

Discuss opportunities for achieving unlimited area for wood-frame commercial buildings under the International Building Code and implications of multi-tenant occupancies.


The intensive research performed by the Committee will be presented in addition to the resulting proposals, developed by Committee consensus and submitted to the ICC Code Development Process. Glued connections will also be discussed along with a brief introduction to connection design software.

Discover the structural challenges associated with a wood podium and gain a better understanding of the collaboration necessary with the structural engineer. How are wood design standards keeping up with technology?

Many factors influence whether a building has a positive or negative impact on its occupants. Understand the difference between segmented and perforated shear wall design.

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Describe the free design aids that are available from AWC and utilize them for designing apa wood. Understand remedies for improper design and construction. Describe how wood contributes to credits under various green building rating systems. Be able to describe various methods for making connections Understand how connections are expected to perform Understand various locations in a load path that require sound connections Understand what type of connections provide continuity to the foundation Equivalencies: Active fire safety features are those such as automatic fire detection or suppression systems that provide occupant notification, alarm transmittance and the ability to suppress fire growth until the fire service arrives.


Design provisions and equations from the NDS and reference design values from the NDS Supplement will be used to calculate capacities for these elements under various loading conditions.

Adhesive bonding of wood laminations allows apqa the manufacture of large wood members. Participants will observe how the study examined internal forces generated during loading 5510 reviewing full-scale wall test data as well as analytical modeling performed in determining statistical accuracy. Recognize advantages and disadvantages to various wood framing methods. Heightened awareness of the environmental benefits of wood combined with advances in wood technology and manufacturing have aligned to make tall wood buildings not only possible but safe and cost effective.

New EPDs are part of a growing trend. This prestigious SUV is the beginning of asc new chapter to begin. Please note that the EarPrint application does not work with other manufactured Bluetooth headsets or earlier models of Sound ID headsets.

Be aware of the aapq language relating to glued laminated timber glulam and new glulam adjustment factors. This seminar will focus on recent glulam innovations — such as the use of fiber reinforced polymers to increase strength and stiffness — as well as sustainability considerations related to product selection and endurance.