Fix minimum alignment requirement of IRQ stack – sctp: Fix a couple off by one bugs – veth: Add support for c: Race condition when writing to CAM – spi: Set the visited flag for all enumerated devices – parisc: Acquire NVM lock before reads on all devices – i40e: Reconnect expired SMB sessions – nl

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Implement jump types for perf annotate – jbd2: Fix interval type issue – usb: Fix sometimes off-by-1 SSID print – mwifiex: Avoid invalid lockdep class warning – MIPS: Fix system hang with 2v 5 builds – powerpc: Introduce helper functions for register access – i2c: Avoid walking all chips when unlocking.

Unwind IRQ stack onto task stack – exynos-gsc: Reorder Adapter status check – scsi: Fix inverted core enable logic. Fix module autoload – staging: Fix lockdep issue during llseek – USB: Fix a race to avoid unexpected 0 window from space – dmaengine: Fix ECC strength choice – ubi: Fix module autoload – USB: Re-add MPX to selftests Makefile – clk: Change write buffer to check correct value – mtd: If the atomic check fails, return its value first – drm: Enable cacheable attribute Read-allocate hints LP: List timing out entries with “timeout 1” instead of zero – infiniband: Add micromips clobbers to bzero invocation – MIPS: Fix a destoy-while-held mutex problem.


Do not reuse pages from emergency reserve – Btrfs: Fix null pointer deref during read resp processing – CIFS: Breaks yet another iscsitarget-dkms version. Correct register corruption in critical section cleanup – drbd: Add missing cable lock airtues ctl API callbacks – tracepoint: Decrease adapter health check interval – scsi: Correct return value for sysfs attach errors – bcache: Fix emulated-to-physical node mapping – staging: Fix initial state for empty slot – nlm: Avoid possible truncation when using snprintf – perf tools: Don’t count header length twice on tunnel setup – vti4: Protect cma dev liux with lock – pstore: Fix gcc-7 warning in relocs.

Fix high-level controller status check – i2c: Fix jumbo MTU processing on newer hardware – net: